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Kill and prevent black mold

Black mold removal is something that should not be misinterpreted. Not the same regular cleaning job. One should not to scrape the black mold. Note that black mold tends to be toxic. They are so called because they are the mycotoxins, which are byproducts of metabolic processes. Mycotoxins are found in mold spores that flow easily into the air and can ruin the actual air circulation. Scraping the mold only real result is the accidental ingestion and inhalation of mold spores.

When inhaled mycotoxins in mold spores can cause cough, allergy symptoms, pores and skin rashes, hemoptysis, a respiratory infectious diseases, conjunctivitis or eyes, nausea or vomiting, and exhaustion of an immunocompromised host and much more potentially life threatening things. Black mold removal is not safe especially when it's done wrong. For a safe, hands off approach to black mold removal and prevention all together, our Mildew Zone and SunPac mildewcides attack at the heart of the problem which is the mildew forming spore itself.

Mildew Zone Twin Pack
$3.49 Mildew Zone Twin Pack
Mildew Zone mildewcide lasts for months! Stop mold, mildew and musty odors in unoccupied areas. Replaces oxygen that mold and mildew require for growth. Stop mold or mildew from forming in  cedar...
SunPac Mildewcide
$2.99 SunPac Mildewcide
Packaged sunshine for storage needs! The top selling Mildewcide in Florida for over 30 years. Kill and  stop mold and mildew, as well as musty odors. Use in vacated mobile homes,...

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