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Stop mold from forming

Both Mildew Zone and SunPac kill mold / mildew that has accumulated, and stops mold, as well as mildew build up in the future. The mildewcide active ingredient attacks the mold forming fungus, which mostly thrive in damp conditions. They can be used in seasonal homes such as summer cottages, beach homes, winter cabins and other homes away from home.


Actively stop mildew and mold

Understanding how mold builds up and what conditions it thrives under, will help stop mold from forming in the first place. There are around 100,000 mold and mildew based fungi that can infiltrate your home. At first, mold spores are too small to detect with the naked eye, but once they start to grow into colonies of interconnected hyphae they create what we normally recognize as mold. Once a spore is exposed to humidity, it soaks up water and expands. This process continues as long as there is a source of oxygen rich humid air, and eventually creates millions of other spores that spread throughout the area with no stop in sight.

To actively stop mold from going through this process we need to eliminate its energy source, which is oxygen rich, damp and humid areas. The active ingredient in our mildewcide binds with oxygen molecules in the air through a chemical reaction. Our mildewcides are able to stop mold by depleting the source of oxygen without the need to come into direct contact with the infected surface. This chemical reaction effectively brakes down any surrounding molecule chains which contain oxygen, and removing it from water and the surrounding air. This reaction stops mold and mildew from forming, as it degrades the oxygenation level not only in the air but also in any surrounding water, which is critical for the growth of mold fungus.

kill mildew EPA approved

Kill mold after the fact - EPA approved

Sometimes, to simply stop mold from forming is not enough and often you need to kill mold that has already accumulated. It can form when and where you least expect it, maybe due to unnoticed water leaks and out of view initial infections. Competing products in the market attempt to stop mold by absorbing the water that makes up damp and humid conditions. This direct process however is not very effective as it does not get to the core of the problem, which is the mold forming spores. Our SunPac mildewcide is the only EPA registered product of its kind in the USA. No other mildewcide in the market can get to the core of the problem by killing the mold forming spores, and putting a stop to the infection.

Mildewcide health benefits

Mildew and mold build-up can pollute your indoor air and cause possible sickness. Respiratory problems and (even more commonly) allergic reactions can affect most people who have prolonged exposures to these conditions. Our mildewcide bags will kill and stop mold formation; effectively removing any resulting air born allergens and restoring a higher level of hygiene in your surroundings. Stop mold from forming on your clothes that you come into direct contact for prolonged period of time. Kill mold and mildew that can build up in shoe boxes and dresser drawers.

Mildew Zone and SunPac mildewcide areas of use

SunPac comes in a 4oz single bag that can stop mold in areas as large as 750 cubic feet. Its concentrated quantity is ideal to stop mold in larger areas, such as bathrooms, walk-in closets and the garage. If you have larger infected areas simply place additional mildewcide bags as needed. SunPac is designed to be used in vacated areas, as it interacts with air molecules in order to stop mold from building up. When you are ready to use the space again, simply place any remaining mildewcide bags in a zip lock. You can re-use any remaining product once you are ready to vacate once again, and continue to stop mold from forming.

Mildew Zone is composed of two smaller 1.5oz bags that can be used to stop mold as well as mildew in smaller / closed off areas, such as dresser drawers, closets, cedar chests etc. Even though there might be no visible mold build up, fungi spores could be present and quietly developing. Stop mold from thriving and be one step ahead from potential build up. Mildew Zone can be safely used under living conditions since it is "boxed in" from interacting with the air, that way you can stop mold from building up indefinitely.

Continue to stop mold from building up, while you get the most out of our product. Each 1.5oz mildewcide bag lasts longer than 6 months. Once 3/4 or 4/5 of the bag's content have been depleted, you can combine it with other used up Mildew Zone bags and continue to put a stop to the mold forming process.


Mildew Zone Twin Pack
$3.49 Mildew Zone Twin Pack
Mildew Zone mildewcide lasts for months! Stop mold, mildew and musty odors in unoccupied areas. Replaces oxygen that mold and mildew require for growth. Stop mold or mildew from forming in  cedar...
SunPac Mildewcide
$2.99 SunPac Mildewcide
Packaged sunshine for storage needs! The top selling Mildewcide in Florida for over 30 years. Kill and  stop mold and mildew, as well as musty odors. Use in vacated mobile homes,...

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