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Clean scents for home and office filters

For a long lasting lingering accent, spray your air filter with Refresher Liquid Accents. Conventional air fresheners might be convenient for a quick fix, but they leave a spotty sense of aroma from one area to another because of the way they are applied. Additionally, you have to re-spray frequently in order to maintain effectiveness.

Plug-ins might be a more hands free approach for more consistent results throughout long periods, but they are still limited to the immediate area around the applicator. You would have to equip every room with a plug-in to effectively cover your entire space. They also have to be plugged in some where in order to work, and sometimes power outlets are either a rare commodity, or hidden behind furniture. Not to mention the odd looking design decisions they impose on your picture perfect decor!

cleaning lubricant

Longer Lasting - Better balanced

For longer lasting, better balanced and consistent clean accent spray your air filter with Refresher Liquid Accents. Your A/C system is specifically designed to control the temperature of your entire space both uniformly and consistently, 24/7. It recycles your air through the system and back out through carefully positioned vents for optimum coverage. Your air conditioner can be the perfect applicator for Refresher Liquid Accents which consist of superior grade oils, that can guarantee effective distribution all throughout your space.

Perfect for use at home - Even better for the office

A fresh, clean smelling office can do wonders for a good working environment. Use Refresher Liquid Accents to freshen up your working environment, both affordably and with little effort. Our concentrated superior grade oils, help you keep large spaces smelling fresh without having to use up large amounts of lower grade alternatives. Also, by applying Refresher Liquid Accents on your office air filter you get a more effective distribution all throughout your office, without the need to manually apply air fresheners room to room. From "accounting" all the way to the "mail room" everyone will thank you for a long lingering accent!

Refresher Fragrances
Refresher Fragrances
Our UNIQUE blend of superior grade oils and other quality ingredients delivers a Pleasant, Long-Lingering Scent.  Spray on vacuum cleaner bags to freshen while vacuuming or spray on air filters.  For use at Home,...

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