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Fragrance accents for vacuum cleaners

By using fragrance accents while vacuuming, you can freshen the air around you that often steers up unwanted smells. Vacuums can be very handy for cleaning carpets, rugs, and other surfaces that are otherwise very difficult to deal with. Often the use of a vacuum cleaner leaves a bad odor as it lifts up smells absorbed in carpet and rug fibers.

Refresher Liquid Accents and Pebble Fresh Fragrances are superior grade oil scents that last for a long time. Use them in your vacuum cleaner to fill your space with lingering floral accents and other amazing accents from our large selection.

Better alternative from aerosol fragrance scents

Spray based fragrance scents can be easy to use but their application is usually not well spread; leaving a scent that is intense in some spots and barely noticeable in others. In addition to poor coverage, spray based fragrance scents can leave spray build-up and even stain fabrics as it settles and covers anything in its way. Spray applicators are designed to exert a fine mist; however that's hardly ever the case. Most of the time, spray fragrances, have a rather thick spray-out that can have negative effects.

Our Refresher liquid accents can be sprayed directly on vacuum cleaner bags and filters. As the vacuum sucks up air and filters it back out, our accents blend in the air and leave a long lasting and widely spread aroma. Refresher Liquid Accents blend in the surrounding air so finely that it leaves no residue build-up on sofas, tables, and other furniture in the room. To use Pebble Fresh instead, simply place a spoonful in the vacuum cleaner bag and enjoy long lasting fragrance scents in unique aroma blends.

Wide variety of fragrance scents

With over 50 unique Refresher Fragrances and over 20 finely blended Pebble Fresh sachets, you are sure to find a fragrance scent that complements your space just the way you want.

Refresher Fragrances
Refresher Fragrances
Our UNIQUE blend of superior grade oils and other quality ingredients delivers a Pleasant, Long-Lingering Scent.  Spray on vacuum cleaner bags to freshen while vacuuming or spray on air filters.  For use at Home,...

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