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Mix our floral scents in water filtered vacuums

Our selection of floral accents are ideal for use in water filtration based vacuums, like the popular Rainbow systems and many more. Water based vacuums are starting to become more popular due to people's awareness of how much more effective their filtration system is, compared to other conventional vacuums. Refresher Liquid Accents are UNIQUE blends of floral accents that can freshen up your space while vacuuming.

Simply add one of our floral accents in the filtration water and vacuum as usual. As your vacuum sucks up dirt, dust, and other debris it also takes in a large amount of air. This air passes through the water filtration system and rises to the top, at which point is discharged back into the room, carrying with it a long lasting, lingering floral accent.

Long lasting floral scents

Choose from over fifty different accents and other special long lasting blends by Refresher Liquid Accents. Superior grade oils and an selection of additional ingredients capture the essence of jasmine, passion flower, honey suckle and other popular floral accents. Refresher Fragrances come in concentrated form and will last you longer.

Concentrated deodorizer

Spring Breeze is a concentrated deodorizer that's perfect for use with water filtration vacuum systems. Use your vacuum system to its fullest and freshen up your space with our deodorizer and air freshener.

Eliminate all smelly, stuffy, funky odors and enjoy a fresh clean scent!

Refresher Fragrances
Refresher Fragrances
Our UNIQUE blend of superior grade oils and other quality ingredients delivers a Pleasant, Long-Lingering Scent.  Spray on vacuum cleaner bags to freshen while vacuuming or spray on air filters.  For use at Home,...
Spring Breeze bottle
$15.95 Spring Breeze
CONCENTRATED DEODORIZER and AIR FRESHENER for use in Water Filtration Vacuums including Rainbow, etc. SPRING BREEZE Eliminates all Putrid, Musty and Rancid Odors caused by Smoke, Fried Foods, Pets, etc. Freshen...

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