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Clean metal of all automotive parts.

In order to keep your automotive metal parts clean and operating like new you need to protect them from the elements, day in and day out. You can clean metal parts and lubricate ignitions, car locks, hinges, and more with Super Slick Slick Stuff dry lubricant. For long lasting protection against grime, grease and dirt; no other metal cleaner comes close to this stuff!

clean metal
Clean andCl

Metal Cleaning lubricant for all alloys

Clean metal parts both on the exterior and the interior. Our superior lubricant cleans and repels dirt, exhaust smoke build up, as well as protect against moisture, making it ideal for protecting various metal parts.

  • clean metal bumpers
  • clean metal grills
  • mufflers
  • clean metallic roll bars
  • lubricate door handles
  • clean and lubricate antennas
  • clean metal chrome finish panels
  • metallic drum brake covers
  • clean metallic stick shifts steering wheels
  • clean metallic door handles

Super Slick Slick Stuff's molecular cushion is greaseless and does not build up, making this lubricant ideal for use to clean metal in various interior parts.

It protects against finger smudging and neutralizes fingerprint acid. No other cleaning lubricant works harder and lasts longer than Super Slick Slick Stuff.

Long Lasting metal cleaner

Super Slick Slick Stuff's advanced formula can lubricate and clean metal unlike anything else.

Use to clean metal hinges and stop the queaking! Clean key ignitions to remove any dirt buildup and improve the mechanism's smooth operation. It will eliminate any squeaking and protect the metal to metal action from wear and tear. The lubrication cushion is long lasting and does not build up.

Clean and lubricate the hinge systems of hoods, trunks and convertible tops, for smoother operation and long lasting protection on all the metal parts.

Rust and Corrosion cleaner / repellant

Clean metal rust and help protect from future build up. Use Super Slick Slick Stuff to restore the shine and original look on your classic / vintage car unlike any other spray. This stuff cleans rust off and helps keep it off of metal bumpers, grills, hub caps, and more.

Super Slick Slick Stuff is a cleaning metal lubricant that can remove corrosion from your battery poles and cables, in addition to grime and other build up on metals. It will help keep the battery poles clean of corrosion for a long time.


Super Slick Slick Stuff spray can
$8.99 Super Slick Slick Stuff
A clean lubricant for metal that STAYS clean. Lifting action is immediate.  It lifs rust, grime, dirt and built-up grease.  It is an excellent penetrant.  Try it on a greasy, dirty bike chain, rusty garden...

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