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Chain lubricant

Chains are used in a wide variety of applications. From bikes to heavy machinery assemblies, chainsaws to garage doors. Chains can be robust and long lasting as long as they are kept clean and well lubricated. Choosing the right chain cleaner and the most effective chain lubricant is critical for the operation and longevity for any chain system.

Bike chain lubricant

Although chains collect dust, dirt and other grime, the most noticeable is road grit. You probably notice it as that black smudge that gets on your legs, pants and socks. Our chain cleaner sprays on easy and penetrates all throughout the steel bushings, rollers and pins. It cleans very effectively and protects chains from any future build-up, as it repels anything from sticking to it.

As a chain lubricant, Super Slick Slick Stuff can keep your bike running smooth by minimizing unnecessary friction that can degrade the efficiency of your bike.

Mountain bikes

Lubricate your mountain bike chain with Super Slick Slick Stuff. Mountain biking can be a very rewarding sport as you power through the inclines and slice through streams. The bike chain not only transmits the power to the rear wheel, it also has to support your entire body weight as you navigate through punishing terrain. Help protect the proper operation of your chain with our chain lubricant and cleaner. Remove any dirt and debry build-up that can damage you chain and help keep it off.

Garage door lubricant

The proper chain lubrication can make all the difference in the operation and life span of your chain driven garage door. Their ease of use and dependable operation have made them the most popular type of mechanism for garage doors. However, without keeping your equipment protected and well lubricated, occasional maintenance cannot be avoided.

Chains can start to sag and rub, due to stretching and that can create the known pauses and jerks in the operation of the door. If chains are not kept clean and well lubricated, dirt and gunk get inside the bushings and wear them down, effectively allowing more play within the links and that causes the chain overall to stretch. Not only does it effect the operation of the door, it damages various parts of the system through excessive strain and vibration.

By applying our chain lubricant directly on the steel bushings, rollers and pins of a chain system, it will remove any dust, dirt and other build-up and preventing anything from damaging the chain. Our chain lubrication is very effective and long lasting; preventing your chain from sagging and rubbing.


Chainsaw lubricant

Super Slick Slick Stuff can be an effective lubricant for chains that require extreme protection. Chainsaws power a blade fitted chain at high revolutions in order to effectively cut through wood quickly and without any hick ups. On top of the heat generated by friction between the moving parts, a lot of strain is generated on the chain as the blades attempt to cut through varying levels of wood fiber density and formation. This puts heavy strain on the chain, and weakens the links, if they are not well cleaned and lubricated.

Unlike any common chain lube, Super Slick Stuff will penetrate easy and help clean out any dirt, wood chips and other gunk that gets collected, without leaving any oily residue or spray build-up. The cleaning effect of our chain lubricant will also promote better cutting results by keeping the blades at optimum condition.

Lubricating industrial grade chains

Protect the operation and lifespan of your equipment with our specially formulated chain lubrication. All industrial equipment undergoes heavy use and requires dependability, in order to keep operations going. Heavy duty equipment configurations generate a lot of strain on chains that can really test their limits. Steel wear particles are generated from all the friction and wear on moving metal parts, which plague your chain and seriously degrade its functionality.

As a chain lubricant, Super Slick Slick Stuff, will clean any metal particles and other dirt, and protect from any future deposit build-up. Keeping a chain clean and well lubricated is the number one defense against "chain stretching" and wear that is responsible for 90% of failures.

Protect your equipment investment from poor operation and possible failure by using Super Slick Slick Stuff. Our chain cleaning and lubricating spray will protect your machinery from the demands of day to day business.

Super Slick Slick Stuff spray can
$8.99 Super Slick Slick Stuff
A clean lubricant for metal that STAYS clean. Lifting action is immediate.  It lifs rust, grime, dirt and built-up grease.  It is an excellent penetrant.  Try it on a greasy, dirty bike chain, rusty garden...

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