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Tool cleaner and lubricant

Super Slick Slick Stuff can clean the dirt and rust off of common tools:

  • pliers
  • screwdrivers
  • hammers
  • caulk guns
  • hacksaws/handsaws
  • bar clamps
  • utility knives
  • adjustable wrenches
  • and more ...

Tools work great when they are brand new and clean, but after some use dirt and rust start to build up on tools making them a pain to deal with. Once those metal to metal tool surfaces start rusting over, they stop being handy. Super Slick Slick Stuff is a metal lubricant and cleaner that will lift the dirt, rust and grime off your tools and protect them for a long time.

Clean and restore your old tools

The cleaning effect of our exclusive formula stands in a class of its own when it comes to tackling heavy tool corrosion and rust built over years of moisture exposure and heavy use. Give that garage tool bench a new lease on life with our tool cleaner.

Super Slick Slick Stuff creates a molecular cushion of lubrication that promotes smooth operation and a clean finish. Get back the precision feel you need in your hand tools to get the job done right!

Super Slick Slick Stuff spray can
$8.99 Super Slick Slick Stuff
A clean lubricant for metal that STAYS clean. Lifting action is immediate.  It lifs rust, grime, dirt and built-up grease.  It is an excellent penetrant.  Try it on a greasy, dirty bike chain, rusty garden...

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