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Stop fighting that key lock!


Help keep your locks operating smooth, free from sticking and key jamming. After some use, locks can start performing poorly, as they rust over and become stuffed with dirt and other gunk. For over 40 Years Houdini Lock Lube has been the number one preferred lock cleaner and metal lubricant used by locksmith's nation wide. Try it out for your self and find out what the professionals in the industry depend on!

Houdini Lock Lube
$9.99 Houdini Lock Lube
Houdini Lock Lube is the #1 Spray Lock Lube in the Locksmith industry for over 30 Years. Use the cleaning lubricant professionals use! Lock lubrication that penetrates tight spaces for effective lube protection. Houdini...
Super Slick 4-Way Lock Lube
$5.49 Super Slick 4-Way Lock Lube
Super Slick Slick Stuff cleaning lubricant spray is now available in 2oz squirt bottle specifically packaged for the Lock Industry.

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