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Aluminum cleaning spray for sliding doors

The most important aspect of sliding doors is the mechanism that makes the sliding possible. Even though the mechanism might vary in design and operation, they are all made of aluminum alloys. Clean and lubricate your indoor and outdoor sliding doors with LC Wax - Alumaslick.

Sliding doors can start to operate poorly if the aluminum components are not kept clean and well lubricated. On top of the rough operation, sliding doors can start to squeak and be very noisy. Our aluminum cleaning lubricant can remove dust, dirt and other gunk that builds up over time around the wheels & wheel rails that degrades the smooth feel of your sliding doors. LC Wax - Alumaslick goes on easy and penetrates in tight spots, as well as removes any corrosion build-up. It helps keep your aluminum mechanism clean by repelling any additional dirt, dust and grime from collecting.

Cleans and lubricates aluminum

Our specially formulated spray not only cleans aluminum but also lubricates. LC Wax - Alumaslick's molecular cushion of lubrication helps keep the wheels, hubs and drive rail operating as smooth as possible, for better operation of your sliding doors. Most aluminum cleaning lubricants leave residue and build-up, but LC Wax - Alumaslick is not petroleum based; it's perfect for use inside your home, around your family and pets.

LC Wax - Alumaslick
$8.99 LC Wax - Alumaslick
A spray lubricant that cleans and restores luster to aluminum and protects from corrosion for months.  Use a nylon pad soaked in Alumaslick's cleaning lubricant solution to renew oxidized or salt-corroded ...

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