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Clean, Protect and Lubricate your Sporting Goods

When it comes to your favorite equipment nothing cleans and lubricates better than our line of products. Find out what they can do for you!


Hunting rifles and shotguns are precision made machines, with accuracy, dependability and safety in mind. Keep your favorite hunting equipment clean, protected and well lubricated with Safari Charlie Gun Lube.

Fishing Reels

Keep your fishing reel's intricate parts clean and well lubricated. With our specially formulated Super Slick Slick Fishing Reel Lube, you can't blame your equipment for letting that fish get away.

Roller Skates, Skateboards

Wheel ball bearings go through a lot of punishment; in addition they collect dirt, dust and grime from day to day use. Our metal lubricants can help clean and protect your equipment so you can flip, lip, slide and grind away!

Exercise Equipment

With all those moving parts working tirelessly at least one hour every day, they need to stay in top shape just like you! Keep your weight set pulley system and other moving parts at their best.

Super Slick Slick Stuff $8.99
Super Slick Slick Stuff spray can
A clean lubricant for metal that STAYS clean. Lifting action is immediate.  It lifs rust, grime, dirt and built-up grease.  It is an excellent penetrant.  Try it...

Safari Charlie Gun Lube $14.99
Safari Charlie Gun Lube
Safari Charlie is a superior gun lube and protectant. 1.    Release agent lifts rust, dirt, grime, grease and even drives out moisture 2...

Safari Charlie Gun Lube 2oz $5.99
Safari Charlie Gun Lube 2oz
Now available in a handy 2oz squirt bottle! Safari Charlie's Gun Lube PLUS' unique ingredients provide SUPERIOR metal cleaning lubricant protection, deep surface cleansing and...

Super Slick Fishing Reel Lube $5.49
Super Slick Fishing Reel Lube
Super Slick Slick Stuff cleaning lubricant is now available in 2oz squirt bottle specifically packaged for the Fishing Reel and Sporting Goods Industries.

Safari Charlie Gun Lube Gallon $192.00
Safari Charlie Gallon
Now available in One Gallon containers!! Safari Charlie's Gun Lube PLUS' unique cleaning lubricant ingredients provide SUPERIOR metal protection, deep surface cleansing and...

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