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Houdini Lock Lube

NOW available nationwide to USPS through Noble Supply and Logistics item No. N603V32. Used and preferred by professional Locksmiths for over 40 Years.

Clean and Protect Aluminum

L.C.Wax Alumaslick provides long lasting protection against weather corrosion and every day wear, both on painted and bare aluminum.
-Works great on vinyl surfaces

Protection against moisture and dirt buildup

Super Slick Slick Stuff creates a molecular cushion of lubrication that shields metal surfaces, and help keep them clean and well lubricated all in one! NOW available nationwide through Lowes Home improvement Stores and to USPS through Noble Supply and Logistics item No. N290P42

Superior Gun Protection

Safari Charlie Gun Lube's unique non-petroleum formula provides a greaseless layer of lubrication that can withstand the most demanding gun operations, especially under extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Sewing Machine - Cleaner Lubricant

Non petroleum based. No teflon, wax, silicone, graphite, build up or gum up! A unique bond containing high friction and pressure reducers, that last up to 5 times longer.

Kill and Prevent Black Mold

Black mold is toxic and can cause serious health hazards when not handled properly. Both SunPac and Mildew Zone are an effective hands off solution that kill the black mold forming spores.


Penetrates - Cleans - Lubricates - Protects - New 2.5 oz Available at Lowe's and your favorite lock distributor.

Our products

Available on this site, we have a wide variety of greaseless spray lubricants, quality fragrance scents and highly effective spore killing mildewcides, as well as industrial strength deodorizers.

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Our Customers

Our customers range from enthusiasts to field proffesionals alike. Our fan base is growing rapidly as more people discover the benefits of superior product formulations and the unmatched results.

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All of our products are avilable here online. However, most of our Protexall and Rogers Consumer Products are also available in thousands of brand name stores nationwide.

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