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Lubricate and remove rust on hinges

Hinges are widely used in many day to day applications; house doors, fence gates, shower doors, cabinets, tool boxes, home appliances, and the list goes on. Rust can be your biggest problem in preventing a hinge from working properly. Not only does it degrade the look of the hinge finish, it also creates unwanted squeaks, and creaks.


Super Slick Slick Stuff can remove rust as well as other dust, dirt and grime build-up. It goes on easy and penetrates in tight spaces between pin and hinge openings, providing impressive results. Once the rust is removed our spray lubricant continues to protect against any additional rust build-up as it prevents moisture from sticking to the hinges, as well as any other dust, dirt, and grime. Super Slick Slick Stuff is perfect to use on outdoor areas, due to its superior protection from moisture and water erosion.

Effective lubrication

Super Slick Slick Stuff doesn't simply remove rust from hinges; it also lubricates and protects the pin and openings from wear and tear for a long time. Our spray lubricant is not oily and does not create any build-up over multiple uses, making it user friendly around your home.

Super Slick Slick Stuff removes rust, cleans, and lubricates hinges both indoors and outdoors effectively and for a long time. Try it out and free yourself from rough operating rusty hinges, as well as unwanted squeaks and creaks.

Super Slick Slick Stuff spray can
$8.99 Super Slick Slick Stuff
A clean lubricant for metal that STAYS clean. Lifting action is immediate.  It lifs rust, grime, dirt and built-up grease.  It is an excellent penetrant.  Try it on a greasy, dirty bike chain, rusty garden...

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